“Projects take longer. Collaboration is harder. And training new workers is a struggle. ‘This is not going to be sustainable.”

As we enter the 6th month since the shut down began, cracks are beginning to show in the remote working world.  Many companies are finding that they are less efficient, less productive, and overall less effective.  Spontaneous encounters where ideas are shared are no longer happening and entry level employees are missing out of key training opportunities and on-the-job experience.

But there are benefits to work-from-home and the future will likely mean a hybrid like Canon Solutions America outline’s in the attached article from the Wall Street Journal, we felt you might find of interest.  Canon plans to allow 50% of their staff to re-enter the workplace while taking extra precautions to keep employees safe.  In this way Canon, like many others, will preserve their culture and capitalize on their in-person environment to ensure the things that brought them success continue to be a focal point in the future.