HDREP believes in empowering its clients by providing them with the most accurate information in the most time efficient manner. With this in mind, HDREP offers Portfolio Review and Administration.

Regardless of whether a company owns or leases 1 or 1,000 properties, HDREP offers portfolio management by utilizing ProLease. ProLease provides and accomplishes the following:

  • Quick and efficient access to extract specific property information
  • Generate customized client reports and summaries
  • Alerts HDREP/client regarding specific dates

All too often, leasing decisions are required in short time frames and must be made defensively, therefore, resulting in less flexibility and lost opportunities for the client. HDREP’s Lease Portfolio Management coupled with the complete ProLease analysis, allows the client and HDREP to access all leasing information in the most time efficient and accurate manner.

Ultimately, HDREP’s Lease Portfolio Management aims to maximize the clients’ flexibility in each and every real estate decision and reduce the cost of providing real estate services.